Manchester, Connecticut

Leaf Collection Program

Each fall, the Town receives many inquiries from residents regarding the leaf collection program. The following information may be useful in understanding the Leaf Collection Program:

  • As part of the Town's continuing effort to improve efficiency and maintain the safest operation possible, it is possible that leaves on one side of a street will be collected up to two or three days in advance of the other side of the street.
  • Residents are reminded that once vacuum collection has been completed on your street, leaf disposal must be either in paper yard waste bags set out at the curb on your normal trash collection day, or dropped off at the Manchester Landfill on Olcott Street.
  • Rake leaves to the front of your property prior to your scheduled collection. Do not block sidewalks, rake leaves into the street or place leaves between the street and sidewalk.
  • Do not block leaves with parked cars. Crews will not return to any properties blocked by cars.
  • Please keep any storm drains free of leaves and other debris year round. Help keep our water clean. Report illegal dumping into storm drains at 860-647-3067.
  • Help us by keeping leaf piles free of brush, refuse, rocks and other foreign matter.

In addition to curbside vacuum collection, residents have the following options available:
  • Curbside Paper Leaf Bag Collection
    • Residents can set out paper leaf bags for curbside collection on the day of their normal refuse/recycling collection.
    • Curbside collection of paper leaf bags takes place from March 21st through the end of the second week in January.
    • Leaves in barrels, plastic bags or cardboard boxes will not be collected.
    • No rubbish is to be mixed in with leaves.
    • There are two sizes of bags available:
      • 30 gallon paper bags are sold in a package of 5 for $2.00, or a bundle of 50 for $20.00
        • 30 gallon paper bags may be purchased at the following locations:
          • Town Hall, Customer Service Center, 41 Center Street
          • Senior Center, 549 East Middle Turnpike
          • Landfill Office, 1 Landfill Way
          • Community Y, 78 North Main Street
      • 45 gallon paper bags are sold in a package of 5 for $3.00, or a bundle of 50 for $30.00 and are ONLY available at the Sanitation office
    • Paper leaf bags purchased from area retail stores are also acceptable.
  • Drop Off Sites
    • Residents may drop off loose or paper bagged leaves at the Transfer Station composting area year-round from 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. (Mon - Sat).
    • During hours when the Landfill is closed, ONLY residents may drop off loose or paper bagged leaves at the parking lot at 263 Olcott Street from October 15 through December 31. (No brush or plastic bags, please. No contractors are allowed to use this drop site.)
  • If you or a group wish to volunteer to assist those needing help with leaves or snow removal, please call Senior, Adult & Family Services at 860-647-3096.
  • Note: 
    • Do not allow children to play in leaf piles.
    • Collection schedule is subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Did you know?
    • The Town of Manchester recycles over 38,500 cubic yards of leaves each year!
    • The leaves are composted and available for sale to the public at the Landfill. Call 860-647-3257 for more information.
  • The Success of the Leaf Collection program is dependent upon the weather and volume of leaves; because of this we cannot determine when the crew will be at a specific location. Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.
  • Looking for more information about the leaf collection...visit the FAQ's page.